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Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Vega Ambassador Jaime Komer

Swim. Cycle. Run. That doesn’t sound so bad. Yet the idea of competing in a triathlon was a daunting one for me. Why? Because it was something new and unknown. One of my favorite quotes is “you always fear what you don’t understand” (from the film Batman Begins).  Well, it’s time to understand, my friends!

Here are five reasons to step out of your comfort zone and try something new to you (like a triathlon, woo hoo!):

Test your mental strength

When your body says “no more for me, please,” do you listen to it, or keep going? When a doubt pops into your head asking you “can I really do this?” how do you respond? An intense event like a triathlon will test your mental strength, giving you the perfect opportunity to overcome perceived physical or mental boundaries.

Learn something new about yourself

We grow as people when we are exposed to new situations, challenges, and experiences. I never thought I would be into road cycling (this coming from an indoor cycling instructor) because of my personal talent of tripping over or running into things—especially when moving at a fast speed. For someone who prefers to rely solely on her own body to get around as opposed to an attached apparatus, trying something like road cycling has opened up new doors. Now I just have to make sure not to trip through the doorway!

Get to know your body

Sure, you’ve been living in it for your whole life, but there’s always something new to learn about your body. Training for a triathlon increased my awareness on how best to prepare, sustain, and recover from each workout. So when the big day came for the race, I knew what to expect from my nutritional support. As they say, don’t try something new on game day.

Experience a new noun: person, place, or thing

For me, there’s nothing like competing in a completely new location. It’s the best way to explore! I find myself quickening my pace to be able to see what lies ahead. Meeting new people, and maybe experiencing a whole new culture, can be just as rewarding as the race itself. 

You never know what might happen!

That’s half the fun of it, right? When we try something new, it’s up to us to have an open mind and have fun. Whether we place first, last, or somewhere in between, we decide what we take away from the experience.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. It’s stuffy inside.

Jaime Komer

Jaime Komer is an Olympic Medalist, Healthy Living Guide and new mom, sharing practical and natural solutions for a healthy holistic lifestyle. She offers all-encompassing programs, guiding clients with simple and sustainable changes to empower their health, well being and personal direction. She has worked with some of the top athletes in the world. Jaime blends her background in professional sports, holistic nutrition, yoga and natural movement into her passion for teaching. She is also a freelance writer and contributor to MyVega.com.
Jaime Komer