child holding tree

Now you can plant a tree with every order

We're increasing our impact with veritree.

We're officially building positive impact into every order. Starting November 29th, for every order placed through our website we’ll plant a tree on your behalf — and you even get to choose where we plant it! 

Working with our partner veritree, we've identified three of the most impactful projects worldwide where we can help: 

  • Kelp Seaforestation, Vancouver Island. While not technically a tree, bull kelp is very much a 'super plant' as it grows rapidly — up to two feet per day! This rapid growth absorbs large amounts of carbon as it spreads across the sea floor. Kelp also protects the seabed from erosion in strong storms. 
  • Agroforestry, Senegal. We're helping plant a range of native fruit and food trees that will improve food security for both wildlife and local communities. This innovative method of farming improves biodiversity while absorbing carbon as the forest matures. 
  • Mangrove restoration, Madagascar. We're continuing the restoration work we started in 2022, planting more mangroves across Madagascar. These vital trees continue to provide critical habitats for marine life, as well removing carbon and protecting coastlines.

Click here to track our progress and learn more about these amazing sites. 

Ready to make your impact? Shop our site and choose your favourite products, then choose your tree  — and we’ll get planting!