Vega gets greener

We’ve got big goals to get greener over the next decade – and while we’re proud to be a certified B Corp, we know there’s plenty of room for improvement. We’re tackling the key material issues we’ve identified to our business, customers and the planet: focusing on Biodiversity, Climate action & Waste. On our sustainability journey we’ll hold ourselves to always be:

• Transparent: no greenwashing here; we recognize that we’ve got a ways to go but are committed to the journey.

• To the point: we don’t make vague promises or lean on flowery language; instead, we share where we’re at, what we know, and how we can improve in the future.

• Thought leaders: we won’t shy away from challenging or complex subject matters, transforming complex topics into accessible materials for our community.

• Thorough: in presenting our sustainability plans and materials, we will make sure we can back up what we claim at all points.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we share more about our plans and promises for a more sustainable Vega

  • climate action

    50% reduction in emissions by 2030
    net zero by 2040

  • eliminate waste

    Plastic Neutral certified by 2025
    Zero waste by 2030

  • Enriching biodiversity

    Nature Positive by 2030

enriching biodiversity

We intend to be Nature Positive by 2030 — our promise to halt and reverse nature loss across our supply chain and beyond.

How will we get there?

Eliminate deforestation & optimize land use. We’ll source ingredients that don’t compete with nature, embrace agroforestry and do our part to keep wild land intact.

Restore critical ecosystems. We’ve partnered with Veritree to restore an area larger than our total land footprint. Check out our first verified planting project in Madagascar.

Conserve irreplaceable habitats. We’ll work with leading conservation partners to protect an area larger than our total land footprint.

climate action

We’re aiming to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030, followed by Net Zero emissions by 2040.

Here's how we plan to do it:

Set science-based targets. Align with the Science Based Targets Initiative to set validated public targets by 2023.

Integrate regenerative agriculture. Increase soil carbon across our suppliers and partner farmers, shifting our impact from negative to positive.

Innovate sustainable proteins. We’ll continue to source North American peas while working to develop plant-based proteins with even lower environmental impacts.

eliminating waste

We’ve committed to becoming Plastic Neutral by 2025 and reaching Zero Waste by 2030 across our operations, products & packaging.

How will we do it?

Go plastic neutral. We’re working on smarter, plastic-free packaging. In the meantime, we’ll fund the removal of plastic from nature — piece for piece.

Invest in zero-waste plant-based materials. Plants can make amazing sustainable packaging materials. We’ll look toward these plant-based solutions for as many products as possible.

Innovate new packaging formats. We know the tub isn’t perfect, so we’re working to fix it! Look out for new formats that will be easier to transport, refill, and recycle.

Eliminate landfill waste. From our distribution centres across our supply chain we’ll look to be part of the solution, using upcycled or circular raw materials.

our partners in sustainability