Fitness Tips By @FitGurlMel

Fitness Tips By @FitGurlMel

Want to start working out but not sure where to start? Don't sweat it! We've teamed up with Melissa Alcantara to offer you tips that adapt to you, no matter your starting point. While exercising might seem straightforward, maintaining a balanced diet presents challenges for many. It's a nuanced balance between choices that enhance progress and those that impede it. One of the reasons Mel recommends Vega is that it makes it easy and convenient to increase your protein intake and make healthy choices.


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Mel's Pro Tips 

1. Make a plan. There’s nothing worse than walking into the gym, looking around, and not knowing what to do! We have all been there lol, so I always have a workout plan. It keeps me on-track, motivated, and accountable.

2. Try to start off with something manageable. Like train at home 3 days a week and cook twice a week. It’s better on your mental to give yourself room to add more than to take away. Give yourself the chance to feel empowered and in control.

3. Be consistent. I like to schedule my workouts in my calendar so I prioritize them. Stick to your schedule! Nothing is more important than this at this scheduled time. Or you’ll move it around until it doesn’t exist.

4. Fuel your body and sleep! Working out = more calories burned. Your body needs enough protein and rest to help repair cells and build new ones. I use Vega Sport post-workout, because IMO it’s the easiest way to hit my protein goals.

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Mel's Vega Pick

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“I’ve been drinking Vega for two years and I love it. My favourite is the creamy vanilla flavour. Most mornings I have a scoop with almond milk or in a smoothie.”

“Working out is the easy part. Eating well and balanced is where things become tricky for most people and it’s a delicate balance between making good choices that propel your progress and poor choices that hinder it. Vega makes it easy and convenient to increase your protein intake and make healthy choices.”


About Mel

Raised in NYC and currently based in LA, Melissa Alcantara is a Dominican- American health & fitness public figure, Best Selling author, CEO, and mother who also happens to be Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer since 2017.

After losing 40 pounds in 60 days and realizing she had total control of her mind and body, Melissa started training for bodybuilding competitions and shared her fitness journey on Instagram.

She has since grown her Instagram platform to more than 1 million followers, where she continues to document her inspiring health and fitness journey, share her no-nonsense nutrition and fitness tips, and inspire others to put in the work and uplift their minds while positively changing their bodies.