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Protein Made Simple. The name says it all.

The protein powder aisle can be an intimidating place, especially if you’re looking to try something for the first time. With so many choices and so many different ingredients, where do you even begin? Of course, if you’re vegan that will help eliminate a substantial number of products right off the top. Even so, these days there are more plant-based protein options than ever before. 

Choosing the right protein powder for you depends on lifestyle factors such as your diet and activity level. Most people discover their favorites through a process of trial-and-error. If you’re not used to protein powders, getting used to the taste and texture and finding the right blend for you can also be a bit of a process — and will ultimately be as much of a determining factor as the nutrient content.  

 With all this in mind, wouldn’t it be great if there was a nice, simple choice? Something with simple ingredients and simple flavors, that made starting a new smoothie routine, well… simple?

 Good news. We have what you’re looking for.

Protein made simple berry smoothie 

Made with only 4-8 natural ingredients and packed with 15g of plant-based protein, Vega® Protein Made Simple™ is a great way to step up your favorite smoothie. No gums. No stevia. Contains nothing you can't pronounce. Nothing you'll need to Google. Nothing but great taste on the go. 

 The delicious taste and pure simplicity make Protein Made Simple ideal for people new to the world of protein powders — and once you try it, it may just become your favourite for life!

It’s not just for newbies

Even if protein powders are already a staple in your pantry it can still be a challenge to find that “in-between” protein that’s ideal for, say, a quick mid-afternoon boost. Or when you’re looking for some protein to supplement your recipes, but you don’t need it to be 20g or more. Protein Made Simple is perfect for such occasions.

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 Just remember — Simple does it!