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How to Drink More Water

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How to Drink More Water

It’s fair to say that most people understand the importance of drinking water. Our bodies strive to maintain homeostasis, and to stay hydrated, a series of hormones regulate the retention and loss of water. Whether you’re working out, dancing in your living room, or just going through your day to day, your body is constantly managing and monitoring your hydration level, which is why it’s important to drink up.

How Do I Drink More Water? 

Sometimes consuming 8-10 glasses of water per day can feel daunting. Your body doesn’t signal thirst until a specific amount of water has been lost so simply drinking when you’re thirsty doesn’t keep you adequately hydrated.  To stay ahead of it we like to sip every 15 minutes. Here are our tips on how to ensure that you’re hydrating all day long.


Make drinking water part of your morning routine and drink an entire glass upon waking. You can even pour the glass the night before and leave it on your night table so in the morning all you have to do is reach over and drink. This is the perfect way set your day off right.


If you work at a desk make sure to always have a glass of water at the ready- you can even fill up a large jug and make your way through it as the day goes on. Heading into a meeting? Refill your water. Jumping on a phone call? Refill your water. For those who don’t sit at a desk all day, try setting an alarm to go off hourly which reminds you to go take a drink.  If you’re driving anywhere make sure you take your water bottle and finish it before you get out of your car. Set yourself up for success by creating little routines throughout the day to help you stay on top of your water and electrolytes game.

Wait, what’s an electrolyte? 

Electrolyte minerals are sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium which can help to regulate functions in your body, including muscle function.  Add  Vega Sport® Hydrator in your water to add some flavor, Vitamin C, and electrolytes.


Nobody wants to be up all night running to and from the bathroom- so use the early part of your evening to get 2-3 more glasses of water in. Spice it up with lemon, make an herbal tea, or try a sparkling water if you want to get more fancy.

Now that you have the tactics we hope this will help increase your overall water intake. Check out this post if you’re an athlete and need to dial in your hydration even more.




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