Simple Orange Protein Smoothie

Simple Orange Protein Smoothie

Serves 1 5 minute prep time

There’s something very appealing about an orange smoothie that requires no peeling... Toss the whole clementine or mandarin orange into your smoothie. Their thin skin adds a burst of citrus flavor, without too much bitterness or mess.

No small citrus in the house? You can substitute it for one navel orange, but it may be quite bitter, so you may consider peeling it and adding just a bit of zest. No frozen bananas or strawberries? Sub in a handful of ice.


  • 2 small clementine or mandarin oranges, kept whole and washed well
  • 1 cup Silk® Unsweetened Almondmilk
  • 1 frozen banana (or 1 ripe banana plus 1/2 cup ice)
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop of your favorite Vega plant-based protein powder, such as French Vanilla Vega One® Organic All-in-One Shake


  • Add all ingredients to blender.

  • Blend until smooth.

  • Enjoy!