Top Plant-Based BBQ Recipes

Top Plant-Based BBQ Recipes

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we’ve replace our snowboards and snowshoes with BBQ tongs and flip-flops. Though our grills are hot, and our drinks are cold, there’s that nagging fear when “what will I serve for dinner?” creeps in. BBQing doesn’t always scream plant-based, but there’s more to grilling than traditional animal proteins. There’s a whole world of delicious vegan BBQ recipes, and we want to make your next backyard party a huge success with our tried and true recipes.

It’s Not a BBQ Without a Burger

When looking for a plant-based alternative in the grocery store, be sure to read the label—and stick to one with simple ingredients that you can pronounce. The best burgers are a combination of beans, grains and veggies. But nothing beets making your own, check out this Beet Burger.

Upgrade Your Bun

You may want to BYOBun! Look for a whole grain or gluten-free bun that has at least 3 grams of fiber per bun. Or ditch the bun altogether and opt for a large lettuce leaf to cover your patty with greens.

Don’t Skimp on Sides

Even the most devoted carnivores will reach for a veggie side dish. Upgrade that boring lettuce/tomato/onion salad with the nutrient punch of dark leafy greens with this Superfood Kale Caesar Salad. Simply delicious, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Grilled veggie kebabs don’t have to be anything fancy, they are easy and delicious. While you’re cutting up the veg, soak your wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes before assembling to prevent burning.

Play around with pineapple chunks, mushrooms, red and or yellow peppers, zucchini, and onion to design your favorite skewer combination.

Grilled Avocado

Mashed on toast, cubed over salads, or served as dip, avocados are a staple for any backyard party. But nothing beats a ripe avocado sliced in half and grilled to perfection. Brush it with a little extra virgin olive oil and drizzle with lemon or lime and in 2 minutes a side this will dress up any meal. If you want to take your grilled avocados to the next level you can check out our Chickpea-Stuffed Grilled Avocado recipe.

Portobello Mushrooms

This hearty naturally smoky mushroom is a BBQ-must. Simply brush it with extra virgin olive oil and lay cap-down to keep it moist and maximize even grilling. Whether you throw it between a bun, skewer it, or slice it, any way you serve it this mushroom needs to be on the must-grill list.

Sweet Potato

Who doesn’t love a baked potato!?! But what if you’re feeling a little adventurous and wanted to change things up. Grilling sweet potato is just as easy. Just wrap your sweet potato tightly in tin foil and throw it on the grill for 40 minutes and when it squeezes soft you know you’re good to go. Additional toppings, such as chives, chili powder, or grilled red onion can really boost the flavor. This may be the sweetest invitation you’ll send.

Corn on the Cob

Summer isn’t complete without biting into that deliciously sweet cob of corn fresh off the BBQ! Because corn is often GMO you want to look for organic corn to ensure you’re sourcing from the best. Try tossing some chili pepper, lime, and sea salt on top for a twist on this classic.

Stay Hydrated

All that time in front of a grill can really work up a sweat. Stay cool and hydrated by making sure you always have a drink in your hand. For added hydration check out Vega Sport® Electrolyte Hydrator–a zero  calorie way to keep your electrolytes topped up!

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