Today We honor You, Mom.

Today We honor You, Mom.

This year we celebrate the stories of motherly love in all its forms.

Stories that nurture.

Stories that encourage creativity.

Stories that teach us lessons that go way beyond the books.

Stories that are endlessly patient.

Stories that feed our soul.

And stories that make everything seem ok, even when it feels uncertain.

To all the moms that power our stories, thank you.

Motherly love comes in so many forms. This year we’re celebrating that deep, all-embracing, safe, warm, calming, endlessly nurturing, kind of love, that runs much deeper and further than the traditional confines of the word ‘mom.’ While we’re celebrating mothers, of course, we’re also celebrating the less traditional maternal figures in our lives who are there through all the moments—the mundane, the miracles, the mess, and the success. We’re celebrating those who help shape our stories—our grandmas, mothers-in-law, aunts, neighbors, friends, mentors, sisters, teachers, and frontline healthcare workers.

While Sunday brunch at her favourite spot, a day at the spa, and for many of us, time spent together at all isn’t going to be possible during these unprecedented times, we hope all our moms can take some time today to make their health and self-care a priority.

Maybe that’s indulging in a healthy sweet treat. Why not set up a video call with mom and try making our quick and easy cinnamon bun protein pancakes together for breakfast, or our chocolate smoothie dessert bowl after dinner? We’re urging our moms to get into that self-care mindset with deep breaths, healthy meals, long walks, and restful sleep. Share these stories with mom to help add something special and to her day:

5 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care Everyday

4 Simple Self-Care Practices

Chocolate Smoothie (Dessert) Bowl

Cinnamon Bun Protein Pancakes

Download our customizable e-card to thank the leading lady in your life for helping power your story here (for coloured version) and here (for black and white version).