How to Make a Smoothie

How to Make a Smoothie

What Makes a Good Smoothie?

Taste preferences vary, but for starters, let’s abandon the assumption that smoothies have to be sweet. They don’t even need to include fruit. They can be savory, spicy or earthy, too.

Whatever your taste preference, there are 5 ingredients that every good smoothie recipes needs.

1. All About That Base

First, pick your favorite liquid – water, juice or plant-based beverage. If you’re trying to minimize your calories, stick to water. Juice is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth. For an extra creamy texture, pick a plant-based beverage.

2. Ice, Ice, Baby

Who wants a lukewarm smoothie? No one. Toss in ice cubes to keep your smoothie cool. Frozen banana in place of ice cubes makes your smoothie extra smooth. Frozen fruit is perfect during the middle of winter when “fresh” fruit is nowhere to be seen.

3. Green Is Good

Search the fridge and throw whatever greens are lying around. Spinach? Done. Kale? Check. Chard? Why not. Cucumber? Sure? Trust your instincts and you’ll be sure to find some combinations you absolutely adore.

4. Phat Fats

Think chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, coconut oil, nuts or seeds.

5. Pro Tip For Smooth Texure

Start with 1-1 ½ cups liquid (adding more as required), then add your protein powder and blend until combined. Then add your remaining ingredients and blend to your desired consistency.

If you’re feeling inspired and want a smoothie recipe to get you started, head over to the Vega Recipe Center.