Best Lifers: November 2016

Best Lifers: November 2016

Every month you continue to inspire us with your #BestLifeProject stories. See how these seizers of opportunity, love, happiness, and adventure, pursued their best lives in November.

Overcoming the Trifecta of Bad Luck

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Megan Sullivan didn’t let a series of devastating events stop her from pursuing her best life. “Last year I got hit with a dose of perspective...literally. I fell 50 feet climbing in Yosemite, got hit by a car, and then diagnosed with skin cancer. In three weeks’ time I was handed the trifecta of bad luck. Two weeks later, I decided to see the 7 New Wonders of the World in just 13 days with a new outlook on life: to live more now.

“In my lifetime, the greatest learning moments have come at a time of tragedy and loss. From loss comes radical change, for it opens up a space that is yearning for something new. After the worst month of my life, I started to rethink how I was living my life. I came to this amazing realization...that the only thing stopping me from having everything that I ever wanted in life was simple: me.

“For the past year I have been pursuing my passion for filmmaking, a pursuit that I had been putting on the backburner due to insecurity for the probability of failing. A few months ago, one of my documentaries made it into the film festival circuit giving me the motivation and confidence to continue to pursue my life-long passion.” Find Megan on Instagram @themegansullivan.

Finding Mental Freedom

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Christina Scott found her best life despite immense hardship. “I was raised on a lifestyle of fast food or no food, video games, and physical violence. I wasn’t taught to brush my teeth, exercise, eat whole foods, or to be healthy.

“When I began dating I bounced from one abusive relationship to the next while working multiple jobs, going to high school and surviving on fast foods. At 21 I ran away from an abusive marriage, only to find out I was pregnant and again alone. I gained over 100 pounds in 3 years, but I also adopted 3 teenagers while raising my own baby solo and working 60 hours per week.

“Once my youngest teenager graduated I found myself at my highest weight of 411 and I was so depressed but motherhood kept me going. I disconnected from my negative past, began to eat clean and healthy but learned that I can’t “diet” I can only live a consistent lifestyle and make clean choices. I discovered my body is a machine and I began to learn how it worked. I started to play softball and began to “feel” my body again after many years of living on autopilot. I began to realize how large I really was and how great movement felt. I learned how important it is to constantly move, not just once a week. I have discovered that in order to live a healthy lifestyle and be the best you while living the best life you must gain mental freedom, be a positive person with integrity and you MUST take care of yourself physically with food and activity. Nature is good for the soul and natural foods are great for the stomach. Believe in yourself; be who you needed; stay honest and open; AND don’t worry about being skinny, just be healthy!” Find Christina on Instagram @say.christina

Don’t Let Your Body Be a Barrier

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Chris Edwards reconnected with her body after a spine injury.  “When I fractured my spine and rehabbed my abused body, yoga gave me my life back and I really got into running. Now I run every day for two reasons: a) I love it b) because I can. The idea of being trapped in my body again terrifies me and I’m going to take full advantage of my mobility while I can.

“What I know to be true: Your body shouldn’t be a barrier to the life you see yourself living. In fact, your life should be a celebration of your body’s story. Yes, you may have to relearn how to walk or maybe you move differently, but you can still do all of those things. Sometimes, it’s as easy as reestablishing communication between your brain and a muscle group that you haven’t used in 40 years, other times it’s rewiring a movement pattern.”  Find Chris on Instagram @coachchrisedwards

Carve Out the Life You Want

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Christa Vandeberg found the call of the outdoors too strong to ignore. “I dipped my toes into city living for a few years while going to college but ultimately the call of the mountains was too strong and I made the move to Whistler, B.C.

“It took three jobs, working almost 7 days a week to afford rent and all the outdoor gear that comes with living here but I absolutely knew it was where I needed to be. I wanted the immediate access to the outdoors, I wanted to live with like-minded people and create my community. During those first years of making it happen for myself, I was able to carve out time to travel annually as a volunteer for the Eco-Challenge Adventure Race. I travelled to Argentina, Morocco, New Zealand, Fiji and Borneo. Being immersed in a multi-day, international, television production inspired me to pursue a job in Event Production. I love to plan, organize, visualize the outcome and see it all succeed. This also translates into my personal life. I am a goal lover/crusher.

“I can honestly say that I now have my dream job working for the Resort Municipality of Whistler as the Festival, Events and Animation Supervisor. I know how lucky I am and never take this opportunity for granted.” Find Christa on Instagram @outsidefairycv

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