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Top 3 Pre-Workout Energy Drink Recipes

Serves 1 5 minute prep time

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Top 3 Pre-Workout Energy Drink Recipes

In the summer months, when days are longer, it’s often easier to motivate ourselves to be active at the start of our day. When time is of the essence for early morning workouts, using a pre-workout energy drink allows you to fuel up properly for the demands of your exercise. This ultimately benefits your recovery process, by protecting muscle tissue from breakdown, through appropriately-timed nutrient supplementation.

Whether you have a low appetite in the morning — or ravenous! — using one of the below pre-workout power drinks will satiate in a minimally draining way. The principle of high net-gain nutrition allows us to gain maximum nourishment from the energy used to digest our fuel sources, as opposed to spending valuable energy digesting foods with lower nutritional return. For pre-workout fuel, emphasize easily-digested forms of carbohydrate-based energy, and save your high-fiber options for later in the day.

Pre-Workout Energy Shot

    • This concentration ratio allows the product to still dissolve (especially when taken with warm water), but also allows you to hit the pavement or trails within 20 minutes of use, for more intense cardio sessions without an abundance of water in your belly.
    • Note: Make sure to hydrate yourself appropriately in the evening before!

Pre-Workout Energy Drink

    • As soon as you wake up, mix the chilled tea with one serving of Vega Sport® Premium Energizer, and drink 20 minutes before beginning your workout
    • This drink provides greater hydration than the power shot, and additional mental alertness from the tea base. Perfect for any exercise involving hand-eye coordination in the morning.

Pre-Workout Energy Shake

    • This recipe is great for those with more ravenous appetites in the morning, but who are still short on time. Fruit is easy to digest first thing in the morning, and quickly converts to energy for working muscles. The fruit also adds texture to the drink, helping to provide satiation.



  • Pre-Workout Energy Shot:

    Mix serving with water and enjoy!

  • Pre-Workout Energy Drink:

    In the evening before your morning exercise, prepare green tea, or yerba mate tea. Refrigerate overnight. As soon as you wake up, mix the chilled tea with serving and enjoy!


  • Pre-Workout Energy Shake:

    Blend serving with fruit and water, and enjoy!


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Pre-Workout Drink Recipe

Pre-Workout Drink Recipe