Vega Signs Its First Major Athlete Sponsorship Deal with Professional Basketball Player and Plant-Based Athlete JaVale McGee

Vega Signs Its First Major Athlete Sponsorship Deal with Professional Basketball Player and Plant-Based Athlete JaVale McGee

McGee Credits Plant-Based Nutrition for Aiding Performance that led to two NBA Championships



BURNABY, BC – Vega®, the leader in plant-based nutrition, is excited to announce a first-ever sponsorship deal with professional basketball player and plant-based athlete, JaVale McGee – the first time the Canadian-based brand has signed a major league professional athlete.

McGee, a long-time Vega user, transitioned to a plant-based diet three years ago after realizing that his former nutrition program was negatively impacting his overall performance in training and in competition.  Today, the two-time World Champion attributes his shift to a 100% plant-based diet for significant improvement in his game – and credits Vega Sport® as the fuel that supports his performance goals.

“Vega has been my go-to nutrition since I made the transition to a plant-based diet in 2016”, says JaVale McGee. “Following a plant-based diet has led to an enormous improvement in my performance as an athlete. It’s literally been a game-changer. I’m excited to finally partner with a brand that has played such a pivotal role in my journey over the past few years.”

As athletes look beyond training to gain a competitive edge within their sport, more are trying plant-based nutrition to aid performance and recovery. Vega’s partnership with McGee comes on the heels of securing NSF Certified for Sport® certification across the Vega Sport® line, reaffirming the brand’s position as a leader and innovator in the sport nutrition category.

“JaVale is an athlete, at the top of his game and truly embodies what Vega represents” says Samantha Taylor, VP of Marketing at Vega. “He has been a pioneer within his sport, blazing a trail for an increasing number of athletes who have witnessed the benefits of a plant-based diet and are following his lead. We receive countless athlete sponsorship requests, but this partnership was such a natural fit for us, given JaVale’s passion for Vega and influence driving the plant-based nutrition message across the NBA. We’re thrilled to welcome him to the Vega family”.

As Vega continues to innovate and expand the Vega Sport® line to meet the demands of athletes, both professional and recreational, the team is thrilled to leverage McGee’s expertise to support this.


About JaVale McGee:

In the summer of 2018, JaVale McGee extended his NBA journey by signing a free-agent deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. JaVale is an 11-year veteran and two-time NBA Champion who recently concluded one of the most productive seasons of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

About Vega:

Born from the belief that you shouldn’t have to choose between nutrition and on-the-go convenience, Vega is a premium brand of plant-based products made with real food ingredients. Whether you need an on-the-go snack, or sports nutrition to fuel you better before, during or after training, there’s a Vega product made for you. Plus, Vega products are gluten-free, certified vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified, so you can feel good about what you’re eating. Vega empowers you with the knowledge and nutrition to be better on your own terms—one small change at a time. Learn more and find recipes at

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