Q&A with The Tenors

Q&A with The Tenors

What do you get when you take classical music and mix in a bit of pop? The Tenors! Clifton Murray and Fraser Walters are half of the vocal quartet, the Tenors. Though young, their success has allowed them to travel the world and perform for their fans (which include Her Majesty The Queen, Celine Dion, and Paul McCartney, to name a few). We asked their fans and the staff of Vega HQ what they were dying to know about Clifton and Fraser so we could share their answers with you!

1. Concerts, tour buses, wild fans—how do you stay energized when on the road?

Fraser: In our line of work, it can be challenging to stay energized with the intense and unpredictable schedule, changing time zones, and lack of sleep. To keep my energy consistent (without any crashes), I focus on clean eating. I recently switched to an organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free diet (with less meat)—and the results are awesome! My digestion is much more consistent and after meals, I no longer experience the short-term energy spike followed by the long-term crash, which I once did.

2. Aspiring artists look up to you, but who inspires you?

Clifton: I get inspired by the teachers, nurses, and volunteers in Bulembu, Swaziland, Africa. We’ve partnered with the charity Bulembu, to help look after 350 orphans in this small town. People from all over the world have moved to this small community to care for and teach these young boys and girls, some of whom were left for dead by their parents or who have no family due to the HIV epidemic that has ravaged the country. I am moved and so grateful that these volunteers give of themselves and ask for next to nothing in return.

3. What do you whip up when you’re home in your kitchen?

Fraser: Kale and broccoli salad is definitely a favorite of mine. I add avocado, some kind of berry, pine nuts, and lime flaxseed oil dressing. I also enjoy a smoothie. Kale, spinach, blackberries, strawberries, Vega One, and juices of celery, cucumber, romaine, parsley, lime, wheat grass, clover sprouts, lime….makes for a healthy snack (and a mean green moustache)!

4. Besides performing, how do you love to break a sweat?

Clifton: We are on the road about 300 days a year in a different city/hotel/gym almost every day so it can be tough to stay consistent with workouts. I love CrossFit and INSANITY workout DVDs that I can do in any hotel room. I also like to find running trails in whatever city we are performing in. It’s a great way to see the places we visit and offers a nice break from the hotels, airports and venues. One of my favorite trails is Grouse Grind in Vancouver—an intense challenge, but it really shows you what you’re made of!

5. As a musician, what kind of music do you listen to during your workouts?

Clifton: I love a strong beat and an anthemic melody, something to get endorphins pumping through my body. Current favorites: Usher’s “Without You,” JT’s “Mirror,” Chris Brown’s “Forever,” anything LMFAO, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” and Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” I love my dance music!

6. Because we’re dying to know at Vega HQ—what’s your favorite Vega product?

Fraser: I carry a large tub of Vega One with me on all my trips. I have at least one chocolate flavor shake a day (just water and 1.5 scoops) which tastes reeeeeaaaaally good!

7.  Out of curiosity, what’s the wildest thing a fan has ever asked of you?

Clifton: We have the world’s BEST fans. They follow us all over the world and promote us online through Facebook and Twitter, and encourage their communities and co-workers to listen to our music. Once I was asked to sign someone’s baby. That was a bit odd.

8. How do you Thrive?

Clifton: To me, thriving means living up to your full potential and enjoying the process. Too often we are working hard at being in shape and healthy, but we are not enjoying ourselves in the process. To thrive in life I seek out new adventure and self-discovery that enhances my experience on this earth and at the same time improves my mind, body, and spirit.

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