6 Ways to Get Out of a Cooking Rut

6 Ways to Get Out of a Cooking Rut

We’ve all been there, you look into your fridge and see the same ingredients and can only think to make the same old meal or pack the same old lunch that you have already eaten five times this month. If cooking feels like a chore and you’re uninspired; you’re in a cooking rut. Don’t worry, you’re not too far gone. All you need is a little inspiration and a few new recipes to mix things up.


To get the creative juices flowing, you need a little inspiration. Start looking for recipes that make you want to cook again. There are loads of places to get recipe inspiration from Pinterest, to cook books to cooking magazines and websites. Look for twists on classic, new ingredients to try, and dishes you’ve never heard of. Try making one new recipe a week to mix things up. Not sure where to start? Check out Vega’s Recipe Center.


If you usually cook alone it’s easy to get bored and uninspired. Cooking with someone else can change the game completely and is a great way to spend more time with loved ones. Everyone has different tastes, go-to meals, and cooking tricks to share. So, grab your best friend/kids/partner/sister/brother/next-door-neighbor/parent and get to cooking. Teach each other your favorite meal or pack each other’s lunches for the next day.


Jump out of your comfort zone and get some new to you ingredients at the market. The possibilities are endless— look for vegetables you’ve never tried, a different type of grain or even new condiments. If you are shopping at the farmers’ market or in a smaller store, ask them how to use it. Google, of course, is also great for figuring what to do with new ingredients.


Everybody likes a theme party. Make your kitchen into a theme party in four steps:  choose a theme, pick a recipe, pair with drinks and choose matching music. Here are some options we love:

  • Nacho Night: Use your favorite taco meat alternative for added protein and top with enough veggies you won’t feel guilty about eating nachos for dinner.
  • Dessert for Dinner: For the days when you really just want to skip straight to dessert.
  • Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner): THE BEST MEAL EVER INVENTED! These Strawberry Protein Waffles are a classic Brinner option. Pair them with tons of fresh fruit and a generous serving of coconut whipped cream and you will forget all about that cooking rut.


Have a classic family recipe that your Mom makes? Why not put your own twist on it to make it your own. Have a go-to meal at your favorite restaurant? Try to create it at home. Experimenting making your favorite dishes at home can definitely get you back into the cooking groove.


Try doing something new with your go-to ingredients. Grill up a zucchini and put it in a bun. Roast your garlic to be used in recipe you would usually sauté garlic in. Bake your cauliflower with lemon and almonds instead of steaming it. There are hundreds of techniques but we tend to always use the same handful.


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