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Vega® Chlorella

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Why does Vega Chlorella have a cracked cell wall?

We use a mechanical process that cracks the cell wall of chlorella through pressure without using heat. This high pressure jet spray drying technique creates deep cracks in the cell walls, and helps keep the nutrients contained and intact within the cell walls.

Is Vega Chlorella safe for children?

Consult your pediatrician before giving Vega® Chlorella or any dietary supplement or natural health product to your child.

What is the difference between spirulina and chlorella?

Spirulina and chlorella are biologically different organisms, with different cell shapes, structures, and pigments. While they each have their own nutritional benefits, Vega® Chlorella has iron.

Why is calcium added to Vega Chlorella?

Tricalcium Phosphate is added to Vega Chlorella tablets as a binding agent. It is not added to Vega Chlorella powder.