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What’s your dietary kryptonite

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What’s your dietary kryptonite

We all know that nutrition and fitness are two of the biggest factors to feeling your best. But after years of failed New Year’s resolution and trying the hottest diets, we’re still trying to figure out how to make that change stick. This year, stop dieting and start with one small change.

Drop the Diet

It may come as no surprise — fad diets don’t work. Cutting out one macronutrient or another, or limiting yourself to only eating this or that food is a short-term solution that will have you losing hair faster than you lose weight. In fact, the sad irony is that diets are a top predictor of future weight gain. At Vega, we’re anti-diet. So anytime you hear the word “diet” from us, know we’re talking about the verb form — “a way of eating.”

Face Your Kryptonite

You know about nutrition and really have the best intentions, but real life gets in the way sometimes. Before you choose what change to make, look at what hurdles — your own dietary kryptonite — keep popping up. You don’t want to be hangry around your loved ones, or those appetizers at the party this weekend were a little too appetizing. Maybe mornings are when you’re too rushed, or you can’t figure out why 3PM munchies always return to haunt you. To make it simple, we divided common challenges into four eating profiles — Breakfast Skipper, Serial Snacker, Weekend Splurger or Number Cruncher.

Find Your Personal Eating Profile

Head to OneChange to discover whether you’re a Breakfast Skipper, Serial Snacker, Weekend Splurger or Number Cruncher. You may find you’re sometimes a Breakfast Skipper, but always a Serial Snacker. Dive into each profile to discover the small changes that can help you to destroy this dietary kryptonite, for once and for all! Tips, tricks, and recipes await.

We’re right there with you — most of us fall into one of these categories, too! Together we can all work on making #OneChange to know, and eat better in 2014. Stay tuned for more emailed tips every week in Vega News.

What’s your dietary kryptonite and how do you fight it?


No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.

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