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Wake Up! 3 Sleeping Tips for the Time Change

By Vega on October 31, 2013

Wake Up! 3 Sleeping Tips for the Time Change

Prepare your sleep cycle for a time change

No matter how well-rested you are, daylight savings time is sure to throw you for a loop. Clocks across North America will “fall back” one hour on November 3rd, at 2 a.m.. Hello extra hour of sleep—and life! What will you squeeze into that extra hour? And how will you make sure you get the sleep you need? Get back on track with these top sleeping tips.

Take time to reset your sleep cycle

National Sleep Foundation recommends using daylight savings time to reset your sleep cycle. This can be a great way to let an imposed clock get you back into good habits. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Now that you have an extra hour, make it a priority to go to sleep at a time you want.National Sleep Foundation (2012). How to use daylight savings time to reset your sleep habits. Accessed on 9/29/13 from http://www.sleepfoundation.org/alert/daylight-saving-great-time-reset-your-sleep-habits As hard as it may be, try not to linger on in your bed for too long—you’ll just make it harder to wake up tomorrow.

Catch your zzzzs

Fall to sleep more easily by cutting out all sources of caffeine 4 to 6 hours before you go to bed—yes, that means tea, too. Try to dedicate at least 30 minutes prior to sleep to be completely tech-free. Turn off your smartphone and computer, and begin to dim the lights. This will help to get your body ready for sleep, so you don’t plop into bed totally wired.

The morning after

The morning after, you’ll wake up when it feels like 7 a.m., but is now 6 a.m.—making it easier to get out of bed, you may still be reaching for that extra cup of coffee. Try swapping your cup of coffee for a mug of green tea or yerba mate, and get an extra energy boost by adding an extra serving of greens to your smoothie. This Popeye Smoothie is a great place to start.

For more tips on how to keep your sleep cycle regular, check out ThriveForward.com. Download and print the Sleep Tracker, as well the recipes for bedtime snacks in the Sleep Chapter that will help lull you to sleep.

How to you adjust to daylight savings time?


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