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Small Changes Lead to Super Habits

By Vega on February 26, 2014

Small Changes Lead to Super Habits

We all have habits that we’d like to change. Like the dietary kryptonite that just keeps sneaking up on us when we’re feeling most vulnerable—whether it’s because we’re sleep-deprived, hangry, feeling down or overbooked. Vegatopians know success doesn’t happen overnight. Improvement is a result of small steps in the right direction—not perfection. Here’s how three Vegatopians are breaking bad habits and replacing them with super habits.

1. You’re in for the Long Haul

When not working as a National Educator, Jenn Randazzo MS RD, believes strongly in the power of small changes for her nutritional coaching clients. She focuses on finding what one change a client can make to achieve their goals—“I find small changes the most sustainable, and useful way to go about behavior change. It help my clients take an overwhelming situation and make it manageable and empowering.” She sits down with clients and asks them to identify their top three health goals, and choose which one they are most motivated and confident to change.  Then together they focus on S.M.A.R.T goals to tackle each goal, one small step at a time.

2. Turn it into a Family Affair

Texas Account Manager Sarah Perez, has been mostly vegan for 20 years, and is now learning how to help her 12 year old son find his best way of eating—which may be 100% plant-based. Sick of making two dishes at every meal, she and her son have committed to making one plant-based meal together a week.  This simple commitment has encouraged her son take an active part in more meals in the kitchen, and to learn more about where his food comes from. “Finding kid-friendly, appetizing meals is a fun challenge for us both.”

3. Find Your Groove

Innovation Brand Manager Erin Forber admits to being a Breakfast Skipper. “I have been making a concerted effort to stop that nasty habit.” For her, it’s all about getting back into the routine of making smoothies, while having the freedom to play around with new recipes and combinations so she doesn’t get sick of the same-old, same-old.  “Blueberry Lemon Tart is my new favorite smoothie. I never would have thought to put lemon in a smoothie, and now I’m having it three to four times a week!”

How do you use small changes to reach your goals?

Note: Originally published on February 26, 2014


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