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Top 10 Father's Day Activities

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Top 10 Father's Day Activities

Sick of trying to find a last-minute gift, only to realize that Dad really doesn’t need another tie, book or coffee mug? Help your father fuel his better by giving him a gift that will keep him moving throughout the summer with these active father’s day activities!

1. Family Hike

Throwback to those adorable coupons you may have given Mom or Dad when you were a youngin’ and tell Dad he has a date coming up—with you and the trail. Don your sensible hiking gear and find a trail that fits both of your skill level—whether it goes up or around a mountain. You may want to celebrate the conquered trail with a round of beers at a local brewery afterwards.

2. Cooking Class

Get moving and chopping together by signing up for a healthy cooking class—often offered at local adult education centers, community colleges, or culinary schools. Look for a class that covers a dish, cuisine or technique you could both use brushing up on—or maybe have never even heard of. You’ll create a healthy meal together and be able to recreate it for the rest of your family at a later date. On a tight budget? Make a little cooking class at home together!  Offer to set everything up and try a new dish he’s been eyeing for a while.

3. Round of Golf

Pick a tee time, polish your clubs and hit the green. If your Dad’s more into golf for the nineteenth hole, why not try FROLF (Frisbee golf) or putt-putt. Less skill required, and sometimes even more fun than renting a cart.

4. Kayaking or White Water Rafting Tour

If you and your dad crave adventure, and you live close enough to the water, sign up for a kayaking or white water rafting tour. Check your local REI for kayaking courses, and check Yelp for the best rafting tour in the area. Get your life vests ready because you’re in for a wild ride!

5. Tickets to the Ball Game

Whether you two bond over football, soccer, baseball, basketball, or pool, snag some tickets or gather a group of friends (of any age) for a pick-up game.

6. Help him with his To-Do List

Does Dad have a list of to-dos that never seems to end? Take a look at that list and see if you two can divide and conquer. (Though maybe wait until next weekend...mowing on Father’s Day isn’t that fun for anyone).

7. Be a tourist in your own city

If your Dad is visiting from out of town, hop on bikes together and show him your favorite sights and sports. Or switch roles, and have him show you what’s new in your home town.

Don’t have a bike? Rent from a local bicycle shop or join a local BikeShare program for the day. Just don’t forget a helmet! Having a lazy day strolling around town from one restaurant and neighborhood to the next is also a lovely way to spend the day.

8. Building Workshop

Get your hands dirty and work on a project together. Maybe your house could use a birdhouse or a new table. If neither of you are woodworking whizzes, challenge yourself to an IKEA assembly or work on flexing your artistic side.

9. Try a new Sport

Rock climbing? Jiu-jitsu? Volleyball? Break out of your comfort zones and take a class or find a private instructor (or free online tutorials). As long as you can laugh at your awkwardness, trying something new is always a way to get closer with someone you love.

10. Lawn Games

While you’re BBQ-ing, round up the lawn games. Corn hole, badminton, ping pong, ladder ball or croquet are just the start. Whether it’s just you two or you have a whole crowd, it’s sure to be a fun time.  Try some Father’s Day BBQ recipes for a delicious plant-based day.


What’s the best gift you’ve given your Dad?

Elizabeth Jarrard

Elizabeth Jarrard is a registered dietitian in Denver, CO who specializes in medical nutrition therapy and plant-based nutrition. She educates clients and consumers on how to optimize their health through nutrition.
Elizabeth Jarrard