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Top 5 Road Trip Tips

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Top 5 Road Trip Tips

The wind is in your hair, your worries and stresses have floated away, and you’re ready to start making miles. Before you officially head out on the road, we’ve got you covered with tips to stay active and eat well, while living life on the road.


You wake up early, pack up the car and head out. Because of this early departure, you realize you’ve missed out on your daily workout, and now you’re going to be sedentary for the next 8 hours in your car! Not to worry, I have an awesome game that will help you fight the guilt and keep you fit while on the road. Every time you need to pull over, whether it’s for gas, snacks, or a bathroom break you and your friends do a little workout challenge. Set your stop watch for 5 minutes, make up one workout routine with 4 different exercises. Do 15 reps of each exercise, as many times as you can within that 5 minutes. The person that completes the most reps of the entire 4 exercises is the winner. All bets and wagers are fair game for this one.


One of the best parts to a road trip is the snacks. There are plenty of different foods you can bring that will keep you satisfied while keeping your health goals in check. If you’re traveling with a crew of your favorite people, you can initiate a healthy roadtrip snack potluck. Get everyone to bring their favorite healthy road trip snack. This way you’ll get a wide variety of different goodies, not be stuck with providing all the food, and never be riding without some treats on board. Some of my favorite road trip snacks include kale chips, pre-cut fresh fruit/veggies (dips can be a bit messy so choose produce that packs a powerful taste punch), roasted chickpeas, and protein balls.  If you’re looking for some snack recipes to make before you go, check out Vega® Recipe Center.


You could spend a nice chunk of change on buying bottled water (and create a lot of plastic waste in the process). A better, more affordable, and eco-friendly option is to keep a reusable bottle with you to take advantage of the free water-filling stations at rest stops and parks along the way.


You’re on a road trip, so it’s time to relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Being the passenger can be pretty awesome, giving you a bit more freedom to move around and prevent any booty cramping that can accompany a long drive. When I’m sitting shotgun I like to prevent myself from getting all cramped up. Here are a couple of my favorite stretches to help you unwind and enjoy the trip:

  1. 1. Sit up right, really tall with your back away from the seat. Place both hands on the dashboard or seat in front of you, curl your spine towards the back of the car while pulling in your stomach. Release and repeat 3 times. You’ll feel this stretch in your arms and in your spine
  2. 2. Hold the side of your seat with your left hand, while bringing your right ear down towards your right shoulder and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side with your right arm reaching down your side and holding the car seat, while bringing your left ear towards your shoulder gently. You’ll feel this stretch down the sides of your neck and your shoulder, this is a great stretch for releasing tension.


Road trips are not resort vacations and rarely do your plans work out exactly as you thought they would. This can be a giant source of frustration, or you can choose to roll with it and find inspiration in the detours. Road trips provide the scenery; it’s up to you to bring the fun. This is a skill we’re learning to master more and more every day and one we know we’ll take home with us.


If you head out on a road trip, we’d love to tag along for the ride. Share your adventure with us on Instagram using the hashtag #VegaTeam.


No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.

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