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Top 10 Ways to Ease Daily Stress

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Top 10 Ways to Ease Daily Stress

Stress and other uncomfortable emotions happen. How you manage those feelings and emotions is what’s important which is why we’re sharing our top 10 ways to help ease daily stress.


The more you can laugh at yourself, and have fun, the lighter your body will feel. When you’re feeling serious, rigid and uptight you may constrict your breathing and you may feel the restriction in your body. Laughter is a great way to release any tension or restriction you may be feeling.


Allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable emotions can feel scary. But the more you ignore the uncomfortable feelings, the more they weigh on you. If you start to feel really uncomfortable with your feelings, try simply acknowledging them (for example: I feel frustrated right now) and then looking for an outlet that works for you, like taking a walk, talking to a friend or simply reflecting on why that emotion is coming up for you.


Take a big, deep breath. Did you do it? If not, try it now. Ok, how do you feel? Sort of instant calm, right? Breathing can help because it can help bring you into the present moment.


Write down the emotion you are feeling (frustrated, sad, lonely, bored, etc.), the time of day, what was going on before you noticed it. No need to judge it or dive deep into it. Simply writing it down allows you to connect what you are doing to why you are doing it. When you are able to uncover what is really going on that is when you will be able to make change. When you become more practiced with this you may no longer need to write it down, but this could be an ongoing activity, if it helps you.


A regular practice of meditation can wake up our present moment awareness. As we become more attuned to the moment now, we are less likely to go into the future or past. The future tends to create anxiety and the past is related to lamenting and depression. The moment now has only the breath and focus. With patience and practice, the mind will be stilled into the beauty of this moment and decrease stress instantly.


If you start to feel stress, try looking around and naming what you notice (for example: I see a tree blowing in the wind). Simply naming what is around you can bring appreciation for those things, moment-to-moment, any time of day.


Instead of stressing out, try sweating it out!  If you start to feel your thoughts spinning out of control, sometimes all you need is to get outside, go for a run or walk, or move your body in a way that feels good to you to release some of that built up tension and clear your thoughts.  When your blood is flowing, your thoughts start flowing. This can be a great time to get out of the house to do some brainstorming, and organize your mental agenda.  Bonus — sometimes it becomes easier to think when you’re removed from the situation.


Often we tend to take on more projects and commitments than we can handle.  This is when stress starts to settle in, we begin to feel overwhelmed and are tempted to just throw in the towel.  We’ve all been there before, and chances are, if you were to reach out to a friend or a family member to help out with your workload, they would be more than happy to lend a helping hand.  Working on a task together can even change the whole feel of the project.  You can share ideas, share a laugh — and share the responsibilities.  Don’t feel guilty for reaching out. Remember, even superheroes have a sidekick.


The last thing you want to be stressed out about is your diet.  Rather than relying on stimulants (like coffee) to give you that drive to make it through your day, turn to nutrition.  Remember to nourish your body through these added times of stress. Support your body with whole plant-based foods that are a natural source of vitamins and minerals.


Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. When you look at the bigger picture you can pick out what is really important and start to prioritize.   It’s easy to stress about deadlines, but if you’re organized and follow a schedule, you’ll be just fine.

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