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5 Tips to Prepare for SXSW

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5 Tips to Prepare for SXSW

At the core of Vega is this constant desire to not only push boundaries as a company but as individuals.  We thrive off of the process of innovation and the hurdles that come with it, even if that means we occasionally face failure (we’re never ones to shy away from a good challenge).  This year it was a no brainer to bring our plant-based nutrition innovations (hello Vega One® Organic, and three brand new protein bars) to fuel the innovators at South By Southwest® (SXSW) 2018 in Austin, Texas. SXSW® might be wrapped up for 2018 but it’s never too soon to arm yourself with some survival tips for SXSW® 2019 or any conference you decide to try out this year!

South By South West® Meets Vega

SXSW®, in my opinion, is the mecca of all things cool.  The city is completely taken over by the 10-day conference and features everything from tech, marketing, health, food, journalism, film and of course, my favorite, MUSIC!  Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, SXSW® is a temporary melting pot of creatives and innovators.  A place for professionals around the world to connect, learn and share their ideas.

They say everything is bigger in Texas.  So, we brought our A-game. Our goal was simple; show SXSW® and Austin how accessible and delicious plant-based nutrition really can be. Oh, and that tequila is plant-based too! We transformed Clive Bar on the iconic Rainey Street into the POWER.PLANT. presented by Vega.  Two days, six workouts with Austin’s top trainers, 2 VIP events, 2 incredible parties and delicious plant-based Texas BBQ from the one and only, The Vegan Nom.  The power plant became a destination for not only SXSW® attendees but residents of Austin to not only get introduced to Vega, its people and our innovative products, but to connect, sweat, and get educated on all things plant-based.

This was our first time at SXSW® and we were honored to “make it rain” plant-based goodness on Rainey St. among some of the top brands in the digital, social and tech space. We’re no strangers to pulling off big events, but we certainly learned a few things about attending SXSW®.  As a singer-songwriter, and PR Specialist here at Vega, SXSW® has been on my radar and bucket list for years.  I had no idea what to expect and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t fully prepared but I was definitely blown away.   I’m already excited for SXSW® 2019 and have a few tips to share with you for surviving the long days and even longer nights!

Tips for SXSW

1) Research before you go.

There’s so much to do and see while in Austin during SXSW®.  From iconic brands taking over local bars and restaurants, to live shows in unexpected places.  To fit it all in your busy schedule, know what’s happening in each area you’ll be in and plan your day out accordingly.  Some brands only activate for short periods of time and you wouldn’t want to miss any of the fun!  With that said, be sure you leave a little wiggle room! You never know who you might connect with, or what party you will unexpectedly be invited to.

2) Network with everyone.

SXSW® brings some of the most talented, inspiring, and intelligent people to Austin.  There’s no better time to dust off your networking skills and “get out there” than during SXSW®.  At times you may feel awkward or silly but chances are the other person feels similar. Networking can be challenging, especially if you’re not inherently a very social person.  Not sure what to talk about?  If someone is wearing their badge, chat about where they’re from, their position or what brought them to SXSW®.

3) Find someone who knows the transit system.

Ride-sharing apps and cabs are incredibly convenient in most situations and cities, but not as much during SXSW®.  Most major streets in the downtown area are closed off making it difficult to get in and around most activation.  In the event you decide you’re going to jump into a car and you’re on a time crunch, tack on at least 10 to 15 minutes to your trip. Traffic is hectic and you may need to walk a few blocks to get to your final destination.  Or, just find someone who can help teleport you to your next stop.  It’s SXSW®, someone there must have that figured out by now, right?

4) Stay well fueled.

The days at SXSW® are long and when you’re trying to take advantage of every minute it’s hard to justify sitting down to eat.   Come armed with snacks and of course water to stay hydrated.  Plant based protein bars and Vega® Nutritional Protein Shakes are the perfect grab and go option to help you get the nutrition you want to stay on you’re A-game.

5) Dress for comfort, not just style.

Okay, I’m going to shoot you straight.  With so many creative and inventive minds in one area, you’re going to see some pretty amazing fashion.  However, this isn’t the place to wear those shoes that look incredible but without fail always give you a terrible blister.   You’ll be walking a lot, so don’t be afraid to reach for your favorite sneakers.  Choose comfort.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Well, there you have it.  Whether you’re already planning your outfits and working on your hot new dance moves for SXSW® 2019 or you’re simply gearing up for another conference this year, we want to see what you’re up to. Tag your next post #VegaTeam to join in the conversation.

What are your best tips for SXSW?


No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.

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