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Summer Snacks

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Summer Snacks

If you’ve been as excited as I’ve been for summer, well, you’ve been super excited! As a recent West Coast transplant hailing from the Midwest, I’ve so eagerly anticipated summer months where I can actually enjoy the warmth rather than immediately become sticky and have my eye makeup transform me into a racoon. This summer, I’m planning on taking advantage of being so close to a variety of natural surroundings. Whether I’m hiking in the mountains or lounging on the beach, I plan on bringing meals and snacks. If you’re planning outdoor adventures this summer, check out my tips on how to pack delicious treats.

What to pack

Some of my favorite hot weather foods include:

  • Fruit: Grapes, watermelon and oranges are musts, along with the occasional peach and pineapple slices. Obviously, cutting these before you leave the house makes life much easier.
  • Protein and carbohydrates: Ever since fourth grade, I’ve loved nut butter sandwiches on sprouted, whole-grain bread on hot, summer days. If peanut or almond butter doesn’t strike your fancy, pick up a stellar quinoa salad from the local market, or make one yourself. Don’t forget your sustainable cutlery!
  • Veggies: Celery, carrot and jicama sticks can be so refreshing on a hot day, and make a great alternative for chips when paired with a delicious dip.
  • Snacks: Bars can be a great, convenient option, especially those that are whole food, nut based, and contain minimum amounts of chocolate (unless you’re a melted chocolate fan...). For you trailmix lovers, make your own, and be sure to include lots of dried fruits, nuts and seeds for optimal nutrition and flavor.

Keep it cool

Personally, when I’m planning on eating in the summer heat, I pack everything in my cooler.  Small coolers and icepacks are a great way to bring cold foods on your excursion, and keep them that way until you’re ready to enjoy them.  Besides, who wants food poisoning on a day at the beach? No one.

Don’t forget to hydrate

When we sweat, we lose water and electrolytes. Pack your BPA-free water bottle and favorite electrolyte hydrator, and drink up.

What are some of your favorite summer snacks?