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Top 5 Best Sweeteners

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Top 5 Best Sweeteners

Want to satisfy a sweet tooth without having to totally derail your healthier lifestyle habits? Sweeteners like stevia, coconut sugar, and agave can help you have your cake and eat it too.


The most commonly used sweetener is white sugar. So what is it? White sugar is highly refined (processed) crystallized sucrose derived from sugarcane or sugar beets. Sure, it’s sweet but there are way better (and sometimes sweeter – meaning you can use less) options.


  1. Stevia: An herb, stevia can be anywhere from 30-300 times sweeter than sugar and adds zero calories to whatever you add it to (from smoothies, to tea or coffee to baking). Bonus, it’s also keto-friendly. Try stevia in Vega® protein powders such as Vega Sport® Protein.
  2. Coconut Palm Sugar: Coconut sugar can be substituted in recipes in a 1:1 ratio and closely resembles brown sugar. This sweetener can also be a source of Vitamin B12. Find organic coconut palm sugar in Vega Sport® Energizer.
  3. Agave:  From the sap of the agave plant, use roughly 2/3 cup agave per cup of sugar and reduce liquids by 1/3 (this may vary based on the recipe).
  4. Yacon: Yacon syrup is from the juice of the yacon tuber. Native to the Andes in Peru, yacon syrup has a caramel or molasses-like flavor.
  5. No Added Sweetener: Yes, this is an option. Unless you’re creating a recipe where sugar is an absolute must, try to add less or go without. Coffee just doesn’t taste the same without 2 tsp sugar? Next time try 1 tsp, then down to none and see. You may find you like it more than you think. If you’re baking, try alternatives like bananas or apple sauce for sweetness and to keep your baking soft.

Who’s trying option 5 first? Let us know!


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