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Quality time with dad

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Quality time with dad

Quality time with those we love is so valued. It can improve our mental health and can build our confidence and our self-esteem; it can even help us heal. Quality time comes in all forms whether it be educational, fun, silly, and playful, and to our kids, it can even be magical.

We asked four Vega Dads what quality time with their kids means to them and how Vega has supported them in their journey.

Eiman Raouf, Director of QFS says, “Spending time with my kids is very valuable to me. We love to go mountain biking, play soccer, going to movies, baking, and eating out. In the last year, the world has changed and working from home has allowed me to drop off and pick up the kids more than I have ever before in their young lives. The extra time at home due to not having to commute has allowed me to be able to pitch in around the house more often, which makes my wife happier.” Eiman adds, “Vega has always been a progressive company, while we all have a lot to do there is always a sense that our personal lives are just as important and the need to recharge is needed from time to time. We are encouraged to have a strong body which will translate to a strong mind.”

Neil Green, National Sales Manager loves matching his kids grow and learn. Neil says, “Quality time with my kids means connecting with them on their terms and watching them become passionate people in their favorite activities. The last year has been very challenging; having the kids home full time, then back in school, and then home again, we all had to adapt.” Neil laughs, “It’s not unusual to have one or two kids pop up on a WebEx call. Vega has always had a culture of family and work-life balance.”

James Wang, DMS Manager enjoys educating his kids while incorporating lots of play. James says, “Quality time means getting lots of hugs from my kids and having fun while incorporating continual education and learning.” James continues, “I think children are sponges and need to be led and taught how to become successful and kind individuals presently and when they are older. On this note, quality time with my kids means blending fun activities with teaching, A LOT of explaining, and positive reinforcement. We spend our weekends together kiting and exploring the North Shore rainforests which shows them the importance of respecting nature and learning about the flora and fauna.”

James says, “Vega has a commendable organizational culture. I love the Summer Friday flex days and appreciate that there is the option for flexibility in terms of balancing work/quality time.”

Justin Osborne, Director of Sales, Canada tells us, “My son Leo is almost 22 months old and every single day he is developing new words, mannerisms, sounds, and interests. Every moment I get to spend with him and play with him is so incredibly special. The last year has been amazing.” Justin adds, “I started working from home when Leo was about 7 months old and I had the chance to spend substantially more time with him as a result. It meant that I cut out about an hour a day of commute time, could spend 15 minute or 5-minute breaks between meetings with him, and sometimes I even had the chance to take him to the park over lunch. All of this borrowed time with him has helped us bond and become best buds.”

Justin continues, “With Vega’s flexible work culture, I can work from home and have the flexibility I need to succeed in my role. On top of this, when Leo was born, I was able to take 4 weeks of PAT leave which was so incredibly important for me to bond with him and help out my wife during one of the craziest months of our lives. Vega allows me to focus on being a great dad by giving me the flexibility and support at all levels (my team, my manager, my cross-functional partners) and I will forever be grateful for that.”


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