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Your Inner Athlete: How to Increase Energy for Endurance Training in Your Life

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Your Inner Athlete: How to Increase Energy for Endurance Training in Your Life

When you take 20 athletes of equal ability and give ten of them mental training, the ten with mental training will outperform the others every time. Whether you’re an athlete in competition, a health enthusiast, or new to sport and fitness, Sport Psychologist Dr. Haley Perlus shares how professional athletes mentally train to maximize results­—and how you can apply these insights to your life. Read on to empower yourself to take control of your mind, overcome fear and doubt, and realize your true potential.

It’s a challenge to generate enough high energy to perform at your personal and professional best every day. The pressure to perform can seem never ending, whether it’s out on a run, in the office or at home.

Instead of needing to increase energy, control the energy you already have. Shift your mindset to free up mental and emotional energy to increase productivity. Dr. Haley Perlus shares a simple perspective shift that will help you be able to take on the world:

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Dr. Haley Perlus

Dr. Haley Perlus is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Vega’s Expert Panel. With a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology, M.S. in Sport Pedagogy, and numerous fitness and coaching certifications, Dr. Perlus is an expert at empowering athletes of all types and health enthusiasts achieve peak results. An adjunct professor at the University of Colorado, international speaker, former Alpine ski racer, appointed Industry Leader for IHRSA.org, and author including soon-to-be-released The One Minute Dietand Guidebook to Gold, Dr. Perlus helps people reach their highest standard of performance. For a free chapter of one of her books visit www.DrHaleyPerlus.com
Dr. Haley Perlus