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Hey Breakfast skipper!

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Hey Breakfast skipper!

Another day, another alarm snoozed three times. You’re stomach’s starting to rumble, but there’s absolutely no way a shower, ironing, getting the cowlick out of your hair, AND breakfast is going to happen. In favor of keeping your reputation with you coworkers clean, breakfast will have to go.

Been there? Done that? Something has to go in your 24/7 schedule. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition to fit it all in. Start the day with a super easy nutrition boost, so you have the energy you need to get through your hectic day.

Are you ready to make just one small change? Here — we’ll even give you three options:

Just shake and go.

Fill a shaker cup with ice-cold water/juice/non-dairy milk and put it in the fridge before bed, pop a single serve pack of Vega One (or a scoop in a zip top bag) in your handbag, and shake it all together in 30 seconds on the way out the door

Stock your desk

Prepare for days when even shaking seems like too much effort by storing trail mix, granola bars or a Vega One Bar in your desk drawer. Eat food alongside your morning coffee or tea, to keep your energy levels high until lunch.

Warm up

Especially in the winter, thinking about a cold smoothie as you run out the door can give you shivers. The night before, scoop one serving of Vega One and ½ cup of instant oatmeal into a glass container. Put it near your briefcase and when you get to the office, add ¾ cup hot water. That plain bowl of oats just got a little more flavorful and lot more nutritious!

Let us know how your mornings are looking now by tweeting or instagraming a photo using #OneChange.


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