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Hard Core: Full-Body Workout Playlist

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Hard Core: Full-Body Workout Playlist

The meat of any strength and conditioning workout is the compound movements that target your full body (including your core). Switching up the compound movements you do, and the songs you listen to will help to keep it fresh. These Vega Bloggers love strength and conditioning workouts AND a good playlist, and decided to share a fresh 45 minute list with you.

Note: Rocking this loud in your office to get pumped up before your afternoon run? Know that you might hear a couple of swear words in this playlist. These songs were chosen by our Mix-ologists as what gets them ready to rock their runs—expletives and all. These songs do not reflect the views or values of Vega. If you don’t know, now you know.

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Meet Your Mix-ologists:

David Carter

Defensive lineman in the NFL, David Carter is a plant-based strength athlete and animal rights advocate. Switching from a standard American diet to a nutrient dense vegan diet has given him more energy, shorter recovery time, increased stamina, improved strength, and decreased injuries. He shares his journey to maintain mass while eating only plant-based foods at:



Steven Oliver Blaskie

Steven Oliver Blaskie is a father to a little girl, practices the holistic diet lifestyle and works full time as a lumberjack. A Boston Marathon qualifier and ultra trail runner, Steve thought it was time for a change of scenery from all the blisters and is now hitting the open water and highways to train for his first Ironman 140.6. When Steve isn’t wiping dirty noses, rinsing kale or dodging falling trees, he helps raise money for Little Warriors Canada. This charity raises funds in aiding sexually abused children.  Steve currently resides and trains in Ottawa with his daughter, Willow and their prized kale garden.


Nick Diener

Photo by D Julian

Nick Diener is a touring musician, record producer, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, weight lifter, and vegan. After 9 years on international roads and skies fronting his punk rock band, The Swellers, Nick has decided to devote more time to training, destroying vegan stereotypes, spreading the gospel of amazing food, and spending more time with his wife and two dogs.


Kasey Arena

Kasey Arena is a Certified Personal Trainer, Published Author of BODYpeace, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Corporate Fitness Professional, Under Armour Brand Ambassador, IDEA Fitness Inspired Advisor, & has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Physical Education. Kasey has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness, fueling your body, cooking and baking. Kasey prides herself on teaching & inspiring others to find their own balance in life. Kasey stresses a personal outlook with her motto, “Be true to you!” and truly believes that you can live an abundant life in all areas as long as you stay true to yourself.

Facebook: Facebook
Instagram: @Powercakes

Nicole H.

NASM certified personal trainer whose goal is to spread the love of health and fitness—all while keeping up with the hustle and bustle of Manhattan! Nicole takes a holistic approach to fitness, and believes in trying new moves, new classes, and switching up routine regularly.




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