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Eat Better, Eat Together: Plant-based Meals for the Whole Family

By Vega on October 4, 2017

Eat Better, Eat Together: Plant-based Meals for the Whole Family

With busy competing schedules, it’s hard to find time for a complete family meal most nights—no matter the size of your family. Whether it’s just you and your partner, or there are little ones and a larger extended family in the mix, eating together is a special treat. If you’re celebrating a special moment, or a wrapping up an otherwise normal day, eat better by eating together. Since October is both Eat Better, Eat Together month, and Canadian Thanksgiving, we’ve gathered our best family-friendly plant-based recipes, as well as our top cooking resources to help you eat better when you’re eating together.

Cook Together

If you’re cooking with your kids for the first time, start with our Kids Can Cook educational series:

If you feel like you need to brush up your own skills, Chef Morgan has your back:

Simple Main Dishes

Black Bean Bourguignon


Yes, you can skip the red wine in this plant-based bourguignon if you’re cooking with little ones.

One Pot Broccoli Alfredo


No matter how much you love eating together, very few people love the clean-up. Minimize the mess with a one-pot comfort food like this plant-based broccoli alfredo.

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili


Forget the 5 PM rush and pre-prep all the ingredients in your slow cooker, so that dinner is steaming hot by the time everyone is getting hangry.

Easy Sides Everyone Will Love:

Maple Ginger Broccolini

Maple Ginger Broccolini

Even if certain people at the table normally turn up their noses at broccoli, the subtle taste of broccolini with maple and almonds will have even the pickiest of eaters going back for seconds.

Roasted Parsnip Pear Soup

Roasted Parsnip Pear Soup

If roasted veggies as a side don’t normally go over well, hide them in a creamy soup to serve before your main course.

Root Vegetable Mash


Throw any root vegetables you have together into a delicious plant-based mash.

Celebration-worthy Desserts

Caramel Apple Dump Cake


This recipe is so easy; getting past calling your delicious creation a “dump” will be the hardest part.  Just dump all ingredients straight into cake pan, mix, bake and enjoy.

Pecan Poached Pears


Apples can’t completely steal the fall fruit show. These poached pears are a simple, yet elegant fall dessert that is easily shared.

Easy Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding


Make it easy for your family to eat good fats with this decadent pudding made with ripe avocados.

Now that you’ve cooked together, it’s talk to talk together and celebrate all the little successes together. For more information about Eat Better, Eat Together month and to learn about all the benefits of eating together, visit the official Washington State University website.

Share your eats by tagging a picture of your family eating together with @Vega_Team on Instagram.


No matter what better means to you, Vega shares the knowledge, nutrition, and inspiration to support your quest to thrive.

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