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5 Ways to Decrease Daily Stress

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5 Ways to Decrease Daily Stress

By Dr. Divi Chandna

As a physician, I have always been blown away by the impact of stress on the human body. During my 21 year career, I have seen countless people come into my office with real symptoms that medical treatment could not help with. After struggling with my own chronic health ailments, I sought out alternative therapies.

During this journey, I realized how much of an impact stress plays on us. Our monkey mind, our worries and our own neurosis play havoc with the human body. This wake up has lead me down an alternative medical path and now I practice as a medical intuitive and teach self-healing workshops.  It is amazing to watch a client go from pills to wellness.

I define stress as anytime you are not feeling the emotion of eagerness, appreciation, joy, love or empowerment. When we are feeling anything other than this – we are stressed. Yes, this is a radical definition, but when we look at the nervous system, and see the impact fear has on the human body, this definition makes sense. Fear equates with any frustration, annoyance, anger, irritation, resentment, guilt, grief, anxiety or overwhelmed state.

With that definition in mind, we realize that we all are under chronic stress and it is no surprise that we have an escalating rate of disease that modern medicine cannot keep up with.

So with that in mind, here are five tips to help you deal with stress today:

1. Laughter

The more you can laugh at yourself, and have fun, the lighter your body will feel. We are trained to be so serious, rigid and uptight. This creates a fight-or-flight response in the body that can constrict our breathing and stress us out! Laughter helps with any type of dis-ease.

2. Mindfulness

A regular practice of meditation can wake up our present moment awareness. As we become more attuned to the moment now, we are less likely to go into the future or past. The future tends to create anxiety and the past is related to lamenting and depression. The moment now has only the breath and focus. With patience and practice, the mind will be stilled into the beauty of this moment and decrease stress instantly.

3. Exercise

It has been well studied that that regular exercise decreases stress. Exercise helps us to mobilize our body and pumps out good feeling hormones like endorphins and serotonin. With regular practice, this can lift the mood and decrease stress.

4. Appreciation

We all know of the idea of a gratitude journal. I like to take the concept of gratitude to the next level. I encourage my clients to practice moment-to-moment appreciation. When we appreciate the moments that we are in and milk the feeling with grace, we can truly feel this in our daily lives. This regular practice cuts stress before it even starts.

5. Good sex

Having connections with other people is a huge part of our survival as humans. Relationships can be of all sorts. Many of us have strained relationships with parents and families. Others have disconnected marriages and shattered connections with friends. Relationships are a cornerstone to our lives. This can be seen as a huge gift.  As we align with who we truly are, we are given a chance to practice unconditional love. Along with unconditional love comes a space of ease and gratitude that is surreal. When we are in this mode – it is completely stress free. Good sex, connection and truly loving another can help to strengthen that muscle of unconditional love.

Stress does not need to ruin your life. In fact, I often remind my clients that we are not here to suffer and have a miserable experience. Do whatever you need to maximize your life today. Sometimes, small changes can go a long way. Getting happy now will serve you today and truly forever!

About Dr. Divi

Dr. Divi Chandna is a family physician, certified medical intuitive and mind-body-spirit expert who teaches self-healing workshops. After training and practicing traditional allopathic medicine with a degree from Western University, she began her search for alternative remedies Dr. Divi believes that health is an inside job. With adequate rest, proper nutrition and balanced stress levels, our bodies are meant to repair and heal. Her motto? Joy and love is the key. Dr. Divi tours North America and teaches one day and weekend workshops. Her programs are also available online: www.drdivi.com

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