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5 Ways to Be More Present

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5 Ways to Be More Present

Life moves quickly. How is it almost September?  We’re going to blink and poof, Christmas. It’s easy to get caught up in it, to miss the moment but life doesn’t have to just pass you by.

With these five one minute ways to be more present you can create more mindfulness, even in the busiest of times.


“I did it for the ‘gram.” Ever said that? We have. You’re having fun at a party, at home or out with your family and instead of enjoying the moment you think wow – this would make a great pic, snap or ‘gram.

We love social media; it brings together a large, worldwide community of people. It gives you the opportunity to share movements with loved ones and offers some pretty spectacular recipe and fitness inspiration. It also can take you away from the present moment by narrowing your view to what will fit in a photo or a ten second video.

Take a mini digital detox. The thing about moments is that they only truly happen once. Resist the urge to use the filter, post the photo, add the emoji and instead enjoy what’s in front of you.


For one minute. Amidst the chaos, even with everything you have to do, you have one minute for you. Take it. Don’t look at your phone, talk, drink water, or eat. Just be. Sit quietly for one minute (you can even set a timer if that helps), breathe, take in your surroundings and acknowledge the feelings that come up.


Instead of hitting auto-pilot and scrolling through your phone or the to-do list in your head while you’re doing your daily activities, try something new. Strolling through the grocery store? Give yourself a minute to look up, look around, and grab something new. Instead of taking the same route, take a minute to find a new way to work, school, wherever you’re off to.  When you try something new you need to focus on it, taking you away from your to-do list and dropping you square in the middle of the present moment.


If you’re not used to it, this may take time and you will have to work on it but that’s 100% ok and 100% worth it. Pick something you do every day like brushing your teeth and do only that (this example is actually next level presence – around two minutes, at least twice per day but you’re ready for it). Ever tried to make your bed and brush your teeth? We know people who have, and sharing their experience, we can say they did neither effectively and it started off their day in a frustrated rush. Taking time to do one thing gives you a chance to slow down and give the task your undivided attention. No distractions, no rush, just you, brushing your teeth.


Solo, with friends or family (pets included), scroll through your music library, find your favorite song and listen to it for a minute. Fully listen, hear the lyrics, get lost in the rhythm and if the mood strikes, belt out a chorus or two.

Fun fact: there are 525, 600 minutes in a year, 1440 in a day and 60 in an hour.  They’re all valuable and the more of them you show up for, the less of them will get away from you.

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